Who We Are

INCOSOM was created following discussions at the Asia Pacific Regional Cocoa Research Workshop held in Davao City, Philippines, October 2015. Participants at that meeting recognised that an independent international group with a focus on cocoa soil management, following the model of the other INCOCOA groups, would facilitate knowledge sharing and translation of science into advice that is useful to farmers and extension staff.

It is anticipated that the group might address issues such as:

  • developing diagnostic tools for soil health and nutrient status of cocoa trees that can be used on the farm with minimal cost;
  • providing a framework for making soil amendment recommendations that harmonizes existing recommendations;
  • developing a standardized framework for situational analysis and recommendations on farm management practices to promote healthy soil and environment and thriving, productive cocoa farms.

The activities might include, for example, coordinated field research, dissemination of relevant information and the use of workshops and other opportunities to promote exchange of knowledge, ideas and materials which will help support farmers to better manage their plantations and soil nutrition.

Using coffee mulch

Using coffee mulch