Who We Are

INGENIC's core activities have been overseen by a Board consisting of a Chairman, Vice-Chairmen for Africa, America and Asia, the Chairman of the Molecular Biology working group, an Editor and a Secretary/Treasurer. The Vice-Chairmen are usually involved in the coordination of the Regional Working Groups, for Africa, Asia-Pacific and the Americas, and also report to the Board on other relevant activities in their regions. In addition, the Board has been extremely grateful for the support of the Local Organising Committees which have been formed before each INGENIC Workshop

INGENIC has been extremely fortunate to have had a committed set of Board members, several who have served since its very early days, and this stability has been very important to INGENIC's success. At the 7th INGENIC Workshop in Cameroon, three long standing Board members, Dr. Bertus Eskes, Mrs. Frances Bekele and Dr. Kelvin Lamin, expressed their intention to stand down from the Board. INGENIC is extremely grateful to these individuals who have given their time and energy to its causes: Kelvin Lamin has acted as Vice-Chairman for the Asian region since 2000. He has also Chaired the APCBWG and acted as Coordinator for the 3rd INGENIC Workshop; Frances Bekele has acted as Editor since 1994. She has made a great contribution to the production of the INGENIC Newsletters and Workshop Proceedings; and Bertus Eskes, who has been the driving force for INGENIC, giving us the benefit of his leadership, expertise, and enthusiasm since its creation.

INGENIC is now entering a new phase of its development as we recruit new members to the Board and discuss ideas to further promote knowledge sharing and collaborative breeding activities, and the further coordination with INCOPED, INAFORESTA and other groups within the cacao research community. We would like to hear your ideas for how the INCOCOA groups can do even more to promote the interactions between our members and to support the advancement of cacao science.